Furnace Not Working? Do Not Ignore the Warning Signs

Blue Valley Heating and Cooling is a team of licensed HVAC specialists with a combined experience of 100 years, always ready to offer advice and solution for the furnace not working and other issues.

Many people put off calling an HVAC contractor even if they know that they have some furnace problems. They believe that the issue is not very serious and can wait until the next scheduled maintenance inspection.

If you have issues with a furnace not working as well as it should, you need to tackle it as soon as possible. Furnaces are specialized and highly complex pieces of equipment that are connected both to the gas and electricity in your home. Thus, furnace problems may pose a serious hazard for your family’s safety. In our experience as HVAC contractors, we recommend you to read this home furnace troubleshooting guide and call our specialists for any problems you may have when your furnace is not running properly..

Discover the Most Common Furnace Problems and Their Solutions

Your furnace helps you keep a pleasant temperature in your home during the entire winter. You rely on it and, thus, you should pay extra attention to any furnace problems. Home equipment and appliances rarely break down overnight with no warning signs.Thus, we decided to prepare this simple guide to help you troubleshoot and fix furnace problems or know when you should call a licensed contractor to inspect it. We encourage you to contact us for any questions or for making an appointment to have your furnace inspected.

Furnace Not Heating to Set Temperature

The proper job of a furnace is to provide conditioned air throughout your home. If you cannot seem to get the proper temperature in your room, you should check the equipment. The good news is that in some cases, you can fix the furnace on your own. Here is what to do:

  • Check the filter and clean it if it is dirty
  • Check the filter monthly and clean as needed
  • Check the vents and ducts for obstructions
  • Check and change the thermostat batteries if needed

If none of these troubleshooting actions fix the issue, you need to call an HVAC contractor.

The Furnace Makes Strange Noises

This is another of the most common furnace problems for homeowners. In general, furnaces have a low, bearable level of noise. You generally hear a click when the thermostat activates the central unit to produce more heat. 

However, squealing and squeaking noises are not normal, they are actual furnace problems. They are usually caused by a blower or inducer motor that has worn out bearings. High pitched noises could be caused by a plugged filter restricting air flow.

The Furnace Is Working Non-Stop

Working overtime can lead to the furnace not working. Normally, the high limit switch tells the central unit to turn off. If this switch is broken, then it needs to be replaced – a technician can do this quickly and easily. This could also be a symptom of undersized equipment.

If the furnace occasionally turns off, but for short periods of time, then it may be too small for the surface of your home. An undersized furnace will need constant repairs and never reach its maximum lifespan. You can avoid these expensive furnace problems by calling HVAC specialists to evaluate the heating needs of your home and provide a heating and cooling load calculation.

The Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

Furnaces have a cycle of being active and in a stand-by mode. However, if this cycle is very short and you don’t seem to get the ideal temperature in your home, then we need to find out the cause and fix the furnace.

In most cases, a dirty air filter blocks the proper airflow. Thus, the central unit overheats and a safety switch turns it off for protection. Replacing the filter should solve the furnace problems. If they persist, call an HVAC technician.

The Burner Flame Is Yellow

The burners of the furnace should have a nice blue flame. If the flame is yellow, the burners are dirty or improper gas burners could be an issue. To fix the furnace problem, call an expert to properly diagnose the issue.

The Furnace Does Not Blow Air

While this may be a case of a furnace not working, it may also have a simpler explanation: the blower wheel is clogged by debris. If your blower wheel is impacted with debris by 10%  it will reduce the amount of air being distributed by 10% or more, causing the system to overheat or freeze and the evaporator coil.


The Furnace Is Leaking Water

Furnaces with an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of over 90% will develop condensation because they are provided with a cool exhaust feature. This system has a condensate trap that can get clogged.  Water can back up into the furnace causing a pressure switch fault. Please call a technician to fix this issue.

Furnace Not Working at All

If the furnace is simply not working, the simplest explanation is that it does not receive a power supply. You should check the circuit breakers and make sure that the breaker controlling the furnace is not in the “Off” position. If the electricity supply is not the issue, you need to call an HVAC contractor for emergency furnace service.

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