Finding an Answer to the Question: Why is My Furnace Clicking?

When your gas or electric furnace is making a clicking noise, there might be reasons why that’s happening. In this guide, we’ll discuss them all, as well as how to fix them. The clicking noise of a furnace is annoying, but it’s a good indicator of a component failing. When you hear noises in your furnace, it’s time to call on an expert HVAC contractor.

Why is My Furnace Making Clicking Noise While Running?

If your furnace is making noise while running, the furnace spark igniter is trying to ignite the pilot flame. But if it continues for a long time, there might be a problem with your furnace.

What Does it Mean When Your Furnace is Clicking? 5 Common Causes

Every HVAC system in your house makes noises. When the noise continues, it might become a problem. There might be a lot of reasons your furnace is making a clicking noise. Here are five most common causes of furnace clicking noises:

Loose Inducer

The inducer fan in your furnace plays two crucial roles. The first one is to clear any excess gas at the start of a new cycle. And the second is to supply the burner with oxygen constantly. As time goes on, the blades of the inducer may wear off, which can cause the clicking noises you hear coming from the furnace.

One way to know that the clicking noise is from the inducer is when the furnace usually works after the click. Sometimes, the furnace is clicking but not turning on. You can troubleshoot this problem by simply cleaning the blades and recalibrating them.

Gas Valve Problems 

The gas valve feeds fuel to the pilot light and burner. A faulty valve can’t send adequate fuel to the pilot light, resulting in the furnace clicking but not lighting. The pilot light will try to ignite the furnace, causing a clicking noise from the furnace. A broken valve usually causes gas leakage and build-up. 

Worn Motor Bearings

The motor bearings of your gas furnace keep the furnace running smoothly. The bearings wear off over the years from constant use. Dirt, dust, and debris can block the bearings from functioning correctly. If your furnace not turning on, lubricate the bearings and replace the worn-off bearings.

Pilot Light Problem

Furnace clicking on and off? Your pilot light assembly might have become loose or clogged. Hearing clicking noises in your gas furnace or noticing that your furnace clicks but won’t start may show that the pilot light is not working correctly. An HVAC expert should handle this issue.

Cracked Ductwork

The purpose of the ductwork is to circulate air. When the ductwork malfunctions, you’ll hear the clicking sound as the heated air moves through the air vents. You may also hear furnace control board clicking.

Why is My Furnace Not Igniting? Gas Furnace Noise Troubleshooting

You might hear some strange noises as your furnace is operating, but if you’ve found yourself wondering “why does my furnace keep clicking on and off?” read on to learn about everyday furnace noises and what you can do to troubleshoot them.

Rattling Noises: When you light the furnace, the blower fans push the warm air around your home. A set of screws holds the wheels of the blower fans. The blower wheels will shake if the screws and mounting bolts are loose, making the rattling noise while it turns. To reduce the rattling noise, tighten the mounting bolts and the screws.

Grinding Noise: When part of the fan scrapes against other metals, it can make a grinding noise. You can troubleshoot this noise by checking if there’s something stuck inside the fan that’s hitting the fan blades.

Motor bearings: When the motor bearings wear down, they can generate noise. If you notice the furnace clicks a lot before starting or that the furnace motor is failing, it’s time to get a replacement.

Draft Inducer: The draft inducer fan pulls air into the heat exchanger before ignition. Over time, the bearings and motor can wear off. They generate a noise similar to that of the blower fan. If the inducer motor fails, it is best to replace it.

Belt Squealing: Some furnaces use V-belt to drive the motor. These belts can wear down‌. If the V-belt gets dirty, out of alignment, or slipping, it will start squealing. This squealing sound is like a belt in an old car. You can resolve this by cleaning the belt and checking the alignment. However, it’s best to replace the worn-out belt.

Duct expansion: Furnace making knocking noise or loud pops or metallic bangs when your furnace is running might be due to ducting. As hot air flows through the furnace, the metal expands and contracts to make the popping sound. These popping sounds don’t affect the operation of the furnace, so there is no need to worry.


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Why is my furnace not turning on? This and other issues can be fixed via troubleshooting. Whether your furnace clicks but doesn’t turn on, is clicking on and off, or making weird clicking noises when off, you’ll need the service of an experienced HVAC professional to troubleshoot the issue and repair and replace the furnace components for you. Blue Valley Heating and Cooling is a professional HVAC service contractor. Schedule a visit with us today to help you with all your HVAC system issues.

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