Why You Need Fast Furnace Repair in Longmont

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Unfortunately, it seems like furnace problems occur on the coldest winter days- when you need heat the most! The technicians at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont have the experience and knowledge to make any needed furnace repair to get your heat back on as fast as possible!

Top 5 Reasons for Furnace Repair

  1. Furnace Does Not Turn On– If the pilot light keeps going out, it’s due to one of three things: a clogged orifice, a faulty thermocouple or the flame is set too low. Flames should not show any yellow and be between 1 ½ to 2 inches.
  2. Blower is Not Working– When the motor is running but the furnace is not blowing out air, usually the belt is broken. This is a simple fix, just requiring a new belt be installed at the proper tension.
  3. Blower is Running Constantly– Sometimes this is caused when the thermostat’s fan switch has accidentally been turned on. If this is not the case, then an HVAC technician will need to adjust the limit switch on the unit itself. Located on the box that sends out heated air to duct work, the function of the limit switch is to turn off the furnace if air in the plenum reaches a certain temperature.
  4. Inconsistent Cycling Patterns– If the heat is coming on and off too frequently or not being produced at all, the thermostat is usually the problem. A dirty filter, failing blower or system imbalance is to blame when the furnace is running but the heat is inadequate. When the furnace shuts off after five minutes over and over, this points to a dirty or faulty flame sensor.
  5. Odd Noises–  Squealing usually means the belt between the motor and fan has slipped, or is worn out and needs replaced. Rattling may simply mean the cover panels need to be tightened. Should you hear grinding, the motor’s bearings are most likely damaged and you should turn the unit off right away.

Forced-air heating systems powered by a furnace are usually pretty reliable, but every mechanical system will eventually break down. When you need a furnace repair technician quickly, call Blue Valley Heating & Cooling of Longmont- we provide emergency service 24/7!

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