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Why you should absolutely consider cleaning your furnace before winter In Longmont, and surrounding areas in Colorado?

Professional cleaning is imperative to keep your furnace running smoothly and safely and your house warm. If you are not sure how to do it, it is best to leave it in the professional hands of Blue Valley Heating and Cooling in Longmont, CO.

Expert Furnace Care

When it comes to cleaning furnaces, many opt to do the job themselves, misleadingly thinking that it’s a simple dusting of the visible furnace parts. However, cleaning your furnace is part of a complicated furnace service that can only be performed by professionals. 

More specifically, gas and oil furnace require cleaning all critical parts of the furnace, including the ones that are not easily accessible or immediately visible. Dust and debris frequently accumulate on the parts inside your blower compartment, and failure to thoroughly clean these parts can lead to safety problems and hazardous malfunctioning. 

Blue Valley Heating and Cooling will meticulously clean all individual furnace parts and replace the air filter.  

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The Benefits of Cleaning Services

When you clean your furnace on a regular basis, you add years to your furnace’s life expectancy. You ensure that it runs more efficiently and that the blower motor is not strained by dirt. You keep your heat exchanger running smoothly and the ignition system in its original pristine condition.

Thorough cleaning reduces the risk of damaging your heat exchanger, a costly part of your furnace, frequently damaged by accumulated dirt. A dirty filter reduces the volume of air flowing over the heat exchanger, thus increasing its running time and adding excess unnecessary strain. Cleaning your furnace protects your heat exchanger and allows for energy saving. 

When you hire professionals for your oil or gas furnace servicing, including regular cleaning, you also ensure that your furnace runs safely, and you keep the risk of deadly carbon monoxide emissions to a minimum. 

Signs Your Furnace Needs Immediate Cleaning

Even though it is advised to clean your furnace regularly, several signs could indicate that cleaning services are imperative now. These signs include:

  • Increased energy costs
  • Accumulated debris and dust around the house 
  • A strange odor 
  • Insufficient heating despite the thermostat setting 

If you experience any of these signs or if you prefer to be safe than sorry, then contact Blue Valley Heating and Cooling.

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