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Dedicated to providing energy efficiency while promoting the growth of geothermal renewable energy.

Blue Valley Heating & Cooling of Longmont is proud to be a supplier of Bosch heating and cooling systems; a leader in the industry for over 100 years. “Every Bosch product is built with one goal in mind; to enhance the quality of your life every day by providing solutions which are both innovative and truly beneficial.”

Water Heaters


  • Gas Tankless: With extended warranties and superior energy efficiency, Bosch’s line of Greentherm and Therm gas tankless water heaters offer the most reliable on-demand technology for both residential and commercial applications. Save up to 50% on utility bills for homeowners, and for commercial properties, a 98% thermal efficiency with intelligent Cascading options offers fast payback.
  • Electric: Bosch offers electric tankless options with the Tronic 5000C/6000C series that provides hot water to entire buildings, and the 3000 series which fit under kitchen or bathroom sinks for endless hot water at the point-of-use. The 3000T series offers a variety of mini-tank sizes that are simply connected to the cold water line at the needed site.
  • Storage Tanks: From 32 to 119 gallons, single or dual coil connections, and vertical or horizontal designs, there is a Buderus tank model to suit your residential or commercial hot water needs at an economical price.

Heat Pumps

  • Air Source: Bosch’s inverter heat pumps are unbeatable systems for delivering precise heating and cooling control to homes.
  • Water-Source Geothermal: The versatile Bosch Greensource series is guaranteed to have a model to fit your specific needs, be it to replace or modify the existing HVAC system in residential or commercial settings. And the Bosch FHP heat pumps are available in ½ to 60 ton capacities to meet any size commercial need, be it new construction or a retrofit.


  • Gas Condensing: With low operating costs and emissions, both the Greenstar and Buderus models won Energy Star’s Most Efficient award for 2016. For commercial applications, Bosch offers a variety of Buderus and Logano models that specialize in minimal standby heat loss and high combustion efficiency.
  • Conventional Gas or Oil: Buderus has the history of producing the longest-lasting, highest-quality gas burning boilers and recently introduced the environmentally-friendly oil burning option.

Radiant Heat

Buderus panel radiators provide both convected and radiant heat, which creates a greater sensation of warmth at a lower room temperature than standard baseboard heaters. Radiators also operate quietly and cleanly by not blowing air and circulating dust like a conventional duct heat system.

Bosch offers a wide variety of high quality heating and cooling systems that are cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly- let the experts at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont help you find the Bosch product that will best fit your specific needs!