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Professional furnace maintenance services in Longmont, CO


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Timely annual furnace service and maintenance can help you spend winters comfortably. Call our furnace specialists today to ensure your furnace runs optimally throughout the colder months!

People don’t really think much of their furnaces until a problem arises. However, a professional furnace services can help keep your heating system running smoothly for a long, long time. Furnace service typically involves thoroughly examining, cleaning, and replacing furnace parts as needed. 

Furnace Maintenance Service in Longmont, CO

At Blue Valley Heating and Cooling, we provide the best residential and commercial furnace servicing that involves a scheduled heating service for your system to prevent furnace malfunction during the colder months. The service and maintenance include much more than a mere check-up to ensure your comfort. 

Our furnace specialists comprehensively inspect your system’s components – adjusting, cleaning, and lubricating them as required. We make sure to clean the dust and debris that can accumulate over time and cause malfunction. Our local furnace service also includes testing the system once it’s cleaned to ascertain it is working correctly. 

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What is Included in Our Maintenance Service?

Furnace maintenance companies offer annual maintenance, which is critical if you wish to save money and stay warm during the colder months. As a reputable HVAC company, we offer commercial and residential furnace servicing for all types of gas, oil, and electric furnaces. 

Our maintenance process involves inspecting your furnace and system cleaning, removing any dirt or dust that might block your air intake grills. We also check the heat exchanger for any prospective damages and the blower and its motor to remove accumulated dirt and prevent electrical malfunctioning. During our electrical furnace service, we thoroughly assess the wiring and connections and replace those that might malfunction. 

Our annual maintenance involves examining the furnace burner and flame sensor to ensure the flame is blue and not yellow. The latter indicates the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide emissions. Timely and emergency maintenance can help you prevent and contain these leaks. 

At Blue Valley Heating and Cooling, the natural gas furnace servicing also involves examining the furnace pipelines for potential leaks and adjusting gas pressure to prevent possible explosions. We also examine the belts for signs of tear and ensure the thermostat is operating correctly. 

Despite the extensive maintenance process and the details involved in furnace servicing, we offer affordable maintenance cost. In fact, when you compare the cost of annual maintenance with that of post-malfunction emergency furnace repair and related costs, you’ll realize that furnace maintenance is not that pricey. 


Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Here are some undeniable benefits of commercial and home furnace services:

  • Complying with the furnace manufacturer’s maintenance clause warranty
  • Experiencing up to a 30% decrease in your energy bills
  • Avoiding potential hazards, such as gas leaks
  • Avoiding unexpected furnace malfunctions when the weather gets cold

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At Blue Valley Heating and Cooling, we are devoted to our job, and our priority is to understand our clients’ needs and offer high-quality services to them. We understand that gas, electric, and oil furnace services are critical, as a malfunctioning furnace can lead to dangerous oil and gas leaks. It is why we offer thorough furnace servicing and maintenance to ascertain your safety.

We have years of experience delivering our services to the community of Longmont and surrounding areas in Colorado. If you want to benefit from the services of one of the top-quality furnace service companies, contact us today: call us +1 (303) 993-2645 or book your appointment!