Don’t Delay – Replace a Boiler Before It Goes Burst!

Blue Valley Heating and Cooling is a professional HVAC contractor, with over 35 years of experience, offering clients complete services if they want to replace a boiler, repair it, or get regular maintenance.

Every HVAC contractor heard this line: “what do you mean I have to replace the boiler, yesterday it worked just fine”. Yes, it worked, but probably not very well. In reality, if you know the signs, you realize that it’s time for a new boiler installation. Your old equipment will reach its end of life, no matter how well you care for it. Typical cast iron boilers last 20-30 years.

However, there is a big difference between knowing that you need a new gas boiler ahead of time and preparing for it, and getting stuck out in the cold. The cost of boiler replacement is quite significant for any family, so you should start saving ahead of time before the old boiler breaks down beyond repair.

How Do You Know When to Replace a Boiler?

Your old boiler is giving you telltale signs that it is reaching the end of its lifespan. You just have to acknowledge them for what they are, instead of shrugging your shoulders. Most gas boilers do not suddenly stop working. They become less and less reliable and require you to invest more money in costly repairs than it is worth it.

So, when should you replace the boiler? Here are some of the most common eight signs to pay attention to:

Your Energy Bills Are Going Up

This is one of the first worrying signs you should notice that you need to replace the boiler. Your gas and electricity bills are higher every month although you are not using the boiler more frequently than usual. The problem is that it needs to work harder to reach the temperature you set as it gets older. Also, older boilers are not energy efficient at all.

You Cannot Find Boiler Replacement Parts

The fact that boiler parts are discontinued by their manufacturer should make you wonder: “how old is my boiler?” If the answer is more than 15-20 years, then you definitely need to replace the boiler. Soon enough, you will not be able to fix it anymore.

The Boiler Makes Strange Noises

Boilers are not quiet, but their level of noise is bearable. When you start noticing these noises, they are not signs of regular operation, but of malfunction. A banging noise means that the pump is failing while humming noises signify a faulty pump.

Another kind of strange noise malfunctioning boilers make is called kettling. It sounds like a kettle reaching the boiling point and making gurgling noises. This means that the heat exchanger in the boiler has limescale build-up, blocking the water flow.

You Don’t Have Water Pressure

Are you trying to take a shower, but the stream of water is barely sufficient for washing your hands? Low water pressure is a sign that you may need to get a new gas boiler. Loss of pressure means that the central system of the boiler is compromised. This is the biggest and most expensive part of the equipment, so it makes no economic sense to repair or replace it.

The Boiler Switches Off by Itself

If you notice your boiler switching off by itself, then you don’t have to ask yourself: when to replace the boiler? The answer is as soon as possible. This kind of abnormal functioning is due to a range of very serious issues:

  • Closed valve blocking the water flow
  • The pump fails to circulate water
  • The thermostat is faulty
  • The system cannot maintain adequate water pressure.

The Boiler Emits Strange Odors

A new gas boiler does not emit any kind of smell. If you can perceive a funky odor, it may be caused by sludge in radiators or rust inside the pipes. Worse, it may be carbon monoxide leaking from the boiler.

This is not an issue of unpleasantness. Your family’s safety is at risk, so call an HVAC contractor as soon as possible if you detect smells coming from the boiler or the hot water it produces. Most probably, you will be told that you need a new gas boiler.

The Radiators Have Different Temperatures

If one radiator is hot while another is barely warm to touch, then you may have a problem with unequal heat distribution. If bleeding the system does not solve the issue, then it is time to replace the boiler.

The Boiler Is Dripping and Leaking

A simple leak is never simple when it comes to an old boiler. It may be a faulty valve that can be replaced. Or it can be a case of widespread corrosion, which is too expensive to repair. The solution is to get a new gas boiler.


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