Fast Hot Water Heater Repair in Longmont

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Few things are more annoying than suddenly running out of hot water during a shower. If you weren’t the last in line of several other showerers, than the problem is more than just exceeding the tank capacity. The team at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling of Longmont has the experience and expertise to quickly diagnose and make any hot water heater repair necessary.

5 Most Common Hot Water Heater Problems Needing Repair

  1. Restricted Air Intake- If there is not enough oxygen reaching the burner in gas water heaters, then the pilot light can go out, the flame might burn at too low of a temperature (indicated by a yellow flame) and other more serious problems can arise such as carbon monoxide accumulation.
  2. Sooting- When the chamber, flue and burner become covered in soot, the wrong-sized orifice or a loose gas connection in the burner might be to blame.
  3. Condensation- You might notice water accumulating around the outside of the unit after use. Condensation results when the flue gas cools to dew point because of cold air or cold water supply.
  4. Burner Out- If the burner won’t stay lit, it is most likely due to clogged air intake, blocked flame arrestor openings or too high of room temperature.
  5.  Pilot Light Out- There are several reasons that the pilot light might keep going out: a loose thermocouple connection, a shorting ignition wire, air in the gas line, condensation dripping down, or a clog in the vent system.

It also needs to be stressed that if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, do not activate anything electrical and call the utility company immediately. For all other gas hot water heater problems, call the experienced technicians at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont for quick troubleshooting and repair.

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