Save on a Furnace Tune Up this Fall

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It seems like cooler temperatures are here to stay in Colorado, and now is the best time to get a furnace tune up before the really cold weather hits! Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont offers a fall special on furnace tune ups and this affordable maintenance pays off big time by prolonging the life of your furnace, maximizing its efficiency and preventing it from failing during the coldest days of winter!

Furnace Tune Up Focus Areas

  • Combustion Chamber: This is one area where safety is paramount and hiring a trained technician is a smart move to prevent a serious injury or accident. Both the electrical power and the fuel supply need to be turned off before the combustion chamber can be exposed and safely cleaned. The interior will also be thoroughly inspected for any areas of corrosion and professionally repaired.
  • Blower Compartment: This area, along with the exhaust flue and all connecting ductwork, also needs to be cleaned and inspected for any holes that need patching.
  • Pilot Light: The HVAC experts with Blue Valley Heating & Cooling will also check your furnace’s pilot light to ensure it is burning strong with a blue flame. If it is faint or yellow, they will diagnosis and repair the problem, be it dirty burners or a damaged heat exchanger.
  • Motor Bearings: Some units have two motor bearings and two blower-shaft bearings that should be oiled annually. It’s important to use the proper amount of oil and not over lubricate, which could impair function.
  • Furnace Filter: The filter’s job is to stop dust and dirt from causing damage to the furnace’s interior elements. Furnace filters should be replaced every 1-3 months when in use, and since the majority of air inside our homes circulates through the furnace, it is recommended to use filters that also trap bacteria, pollen and mold spores. For those with oil-fired furnaces, replacing the oil filter is also necessary once per year.

There are so many benefits to regular furnace maintenance, call Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont to schedule your furnace tune up today!

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