Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature? Here’s What You Should Do

Nobody likes having their indoor heating system malfunction because of a faulty thermostat. But there are ways to resolve thermostat problems that don’t require you to have a degree in HVACs.

No doubt it’s frustrating and uncomfortable when the room temperature doesn’t match the thermostat setting. This problem can be a literal headache when you’re in the middle of extremely cold or hot weather. Fortunately, you can DIY a thermostat problem or call an HVAC contractor to fix the issue of the thermostat temperature not changing.

This thermostat problem is one of the most common heater issues most homes experience with their HVAC system. Now, before you DIY your thermostat and air conditioner problem, it is wise to consult with a home HVAC specialist. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians can run diagnostics, identify, and resolve the problem with your thermostat. Once we’re done, your problem with the air conditioner not keeping up with the thermostat will disappear.

Common Reasons Why the Room Temperature Doesn’t Match the Thermostat Setting

Thermostat Size

The size of your thermostat could be one of the reasons why your house is colder than thermostat setting. Your thermostat temperature is too small to cover your apartment’s size completely. So, when you turn it on, the central heat does not reach every corner of your home.

Solution: get the correct thermostat size.

The Thermostat Is Broken

A broken thermostat can also be why the thermostat reads higher than actual reading. This problem is usually caused by dust accumulation and improper thermostat installation. Use a digital thermostat to compare the readings and confirm that the room temperature is different than thermostat temperature.

Solution: try cleaning dust off the thermostat 

A Malfunctioning Fan

A dysfunctional fan can be why your thermostat won’t change temperature. This problem prevents the furnace system from forcing heated air into your home.

Solution: switch off the furnace, wait two minutes, then switch off the fan.

The Thermostat Is Frozen

Static electricity may freeze the thermostat’s screen, causing it to display a nest thermostat temperature wrong. The inability to see and act on these updates could be why your house feels colder than thermostat says.

Solution: reboot the thermostat.

Power Loss

When the thermostat loses power, it cannot reach the set temperature, which can lead to your house not heating to temperature. The problem is caused by loose or corroded wiring, which turns the thermostat blank or dark, making it unable to work properly.

Solution: check if the thermostat is getting enough power or call a technician to repair the device.


Why Does My Heating Not Reach Temperature? Here’s What to Do

Here are some DIY tips to get your thermostat to work again and fix your ‘thermostat temperature not changing’ situation.

Recalibrate the Thermostat

Sometimes a simple recalibration is all you need to troubleshoot the problem. Older thermostats require calibration over time. Generally, you should calibrate your thermostat every year to prevent the issue of the furnace not keeping up with thermostat.

Redo the Thermostat Wiring

Redoing the thermostat wiring requires careful reference to the manufacturer’s schematics. Always separate the colored wires according to where they belong in the schematics. Redoing the wiring often resolves the issue of having room temperature lower than thermostat temperature.

Clean the Thermostat

As simple as it sounds, a dirty thermostat could be why the thermostat room temperature and setting do not match. Gently cleaning the thermostat interior with a clean, soft paintbrush is the best way to avoid further damage.

Check the Location of the Thermostat

Sometimes the reason behind digital thermostat reading higher temperature than setting is simply location. Different locations in an apartment have different temperatures resulting in inaccurate representations of the actual home temperature.

Reboot the Thermostat if it’s Frozen

Resetting a thermostat can resolve air conditioner issues like air conditioner not keeping up with the thermostat. 

Turn off the thermostat and the breaker that powers your home’s heating system. Wait about 30 seconds before turning the breaker back on. Finally, switch on your thermostat.

Wait a few minutes to see if your thermostat goes above set temperature.

Replace your Old Thermostat

Sometimes, your thermostat reads higher than actual temperature because it has reached the end of its lifespan. In this case, getting a new thermostat is much easier and more cost-effective than hiring an HVAC professional to repair and calibrate it.

House Not Heating to Temperature? Call Our Professionals

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