Increase Your Comfort with a Whole House Humidifier

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Did you know that “certain airborne pathogens, such as those that cause the flu, circulate easier in dry air than in moist air”? Reducing favorable conditions for the spread of viruses is just one reason to install a central humidifier, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Other benefits of adding humidity to dry air are reducing damage to wood furniture, floors, cabinets and musical instruments; preventing static electricity and keeping skin and airways hydrated and healthy. The knowledgeable staff of Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont can help you choose the best system for your home, and offers whole house humidifier installation, maintenance and repair services on all brands.

Humidifiers are controlled by a humidistat that are usually adjusted automatically by the system but may occasionally require manual calibration to set the proper level depending on the outside temperature. Another adjustment that homeowners should be aware of is closing the damper in the summer (by either turning a knob or inserting a cover) and reopening it in the winter. Finally, humidity levels should be monitored and adjusted if condensation starts building up on windows or walls.

Comparison of Whole House Humidifier Systems

  • Drum-type Humidifier: This type uses a rotating sponge that picks up water from a tray as it turns, which then vaporizes as air from the central heating system blows through it. Annual maintenance is critical to prevent mold and other impurities from collecting in the tray.
  • Flow-through Humidifier: Sometimes called a trickle humidifier, this design consists of a small stream of water flowing into an aluminum panel through which air is directed in order to evaporate the water. This system is more expensive than the drum-type but does not require as much maintenance due to the fact that there is no stagnant water because a drain tube connected to the panel removes any excess.

Living in Colorado, we know all have experienced the unpleasant effects of our dry climate from parched skin to cracking woodwork. Installing a whole house humidifier is a worthwhile and affordable investment to keep your family comfortable- rely on the experienced team at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling of Longmont to guide your purchase and expertly install your central humidifying system.

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