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Top-Notch HVAC Repair Services in Longmont, CO

With routine maintenance, HVAC systems can remain efficient for a longer period, but that does not mean you will never need to call in HVAC service technicians. Blue Valley Heating and Cooling offers the best HVAC repair services for homes and offices. 

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we can handle all kinds of heating and cooling systems. Whether you need a local HVAC repair for your home or workplace, we can easily manage both, all at an affordable cost. We have established ourselves as a trusted HVAC repair company in the Longmont, CO area. 

3 Common Signs That You Need HVAC Repair

Some common indications will easily alert homeowners about when they require HVAC repair:

1. Higher Utility Bills

Worn out systems struggle to perform optimally. If you notice an additional 0 on your electricity bill, contact an HVAC repair service technician ASAP. 

2. Uneven Distribution of Heating/Cooling

An efficient HVAC system heats or cools every room evenly. If some rooms in your home are warmer than others, call a local HVAC repair company. There might be loose ducts or holes within the system. 

3. Loud Noises Coming from HVAC Systems

HVAC systems that make too much noise are certainly not in the best condition. These noises could be due to worn-out parts or a myriad of other issues. In any case, you already know our advice: get in touch with a nearby HVAC repair company. 

We’re the Best HVAC Repair Company Around

At Blue Valley Heating and Cooling, we believe in providing quality services. For years, our technicians have been installing and repairing all sorts of heating and cooling systems. HVAC repair is our specialty and that is why we are the people’s choice. 

Our services are available at the following places:

  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Loveland
  • Firestone
  • Louisville
  • Brighton
  • Westminster

Contact us at any time, and we will reach out to you on the same day!

what our customers say about us

Customer Service is our #1 Priority

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  • Jim Kreitman

    Blue Valley was hired to install a Geothermal climate control for us. We have been very happy about the whole process and Blue Valley has done a great job. They were fast to deliver on our agreed timeframe and always helpful with our questions.
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  • Debbie Ryan

    Blue Valley Heating & Cooling provides fantastic service! They are very friendly and dependable! I called them out to perform an annual inspection and maintenance of our A/C. Long story short, it was leaking water where it shouldn't have been.
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  • Mike & Hansine Goran's

    We recently moved and bought a house with a geothermal system that we didn't understand, so we called Blue Valley Heating & Cooling. They helped to put in the system and were great, explaining how it worked and doing the maintenance--and we've had them ever since.
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  • Scott Randall

    Blue Valley was the only contractor to show up on time to perform the site inspection and quote as well as installation of our air conditioning system. Blue Valley’s quote was unambiguous and lower than their competition.
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  • Jon Cummins

    Responsive, professional and customer-focused. I had some complicated issues with my system due to another contractor’s work. Blue Valley was able to solve these issues and increase the efficiency of the system as well.
  • Elsesshin Haran

    Friendly, professional staff, explained things in terms I could understand and gave me several options for dealing with my heating problem. Would highly recommend.
  • Mindy Hartley

    We hired Blue Valley to install a new boiler in our 1960s ranch. Before choosing Blue Valley, we did our homework, collecting bids from six contractors, looking for high customer ratings and an a reasonable price. Blue Valley provided both.
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  • Chuck Zander

    We were informed by a home inspector that gas was detected around our boiler. We called Blue Valley and they sent out a technician a few hours later. The technician, Chad, inspected the boiler and our issues were resolved quickly. He was very pleasant, professional and answered every question with patience.
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