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Expert Furnace Replacement Service in Longmont, CO

A furnace can help you spend the cold winter months comfortably. Call our furnace specialists today to get your old, rusty furnace replaced for your peace of mind during winters.

Typically, people avoid furnace replacement due to the supposed high cost involved in the process. However, continuous use of an old, damaged, and rusty furnace will eventually result in a complete machinery breakdown, causing you to go for emergency furnace replacement, which will prove to be costlier. As an experienced service provider, Blue Valley Heating and Cooling offers furnace service at an affordable rate in Longmont, CO, and nearby areas. 

Our furnace specialists understand our customers’ needs, enabling us to provide you with quick and effective electric, gas, and oil furnace replacement. So, don’t avoid or put off the task of getting rid of your old and clunky furnace and replace it with a new one before the old furnace stops working unexpectedly or in the middle of winter. 

Gas furnace replacement service for old or damaged furnaces

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6 Signs You Need a Home Furnace Replacement

Here are some signs that suggest you might need a home furnace replacement stat:

A Furnace Past 15 Years of Age

While you can certainly invest in yearly furnace maintenance to avoid replacing the machinery quickly, you cannot keep using the same furnace for life. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it is dangerously close to completing its lifetime. Before it malfunctions and gives up on you unexpectedly, it’s best to seek a residential furnace replacement. 

Dramatically Increased Energy Bills

A high electricity bill is inarguably one of the top signs of a malfunction in your furnace. It can signal the need to replace your furnace immediately. If your gas, electricity, or oil bill keeps increasing for no discernable reason, call us to inspect and possibly replace your furnace. 

Your House Is Not Warm Enough

You might need a furnace thermostat replacement if the thermostat reading says the temperature is ideal, yet your house is not warm enough. It will become clear that there is a fault in the furnace. 

Constant Servicing in the Last Few Years

If you repeatedly have to spend money on furnace maintenance and service, perhaps you should invest in replacing the furnace altogether. After all, the one-time furnace replacement cost will be significantly less than a worn-down furnace’s collective and continued service and maintenance costs. 

Furnace Is Making Strange Noises

When you turn it on, does your furnace make a banging, rattling, or popping noise? These frequent sounds indicate your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan. Consider immediate furnace replacement if you hear these sounds frequently. 

Your Burner Flame Is Yellow

The flame of a furnace should always be blue. If your furnace has a yellow flame, it means the machine is producing carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, you could expose yourself and your loved ones to this toxic gas without even realizing it. So, if you spot a yellow furnace flame, invest in gas furnace replacement right away to prevent the threat of a gas leak or explosion. 

Why Choose Our Furnace Replacement Company?

Since the market has no shortage of furnace replacement companies, it’s only fair to wonder why you should choose us for this service. Our local furnace replacement company offers emergency oil, gas, or electric furnace replacement quickly and effectively. 

Moreover, our furnace specialists will never encourage you to replace your furnace unless it is beyond repair or maintenance. If it can be salvaged, we will offer our top-quality furnace maintenance service to fix it and save you from needless expenses. We offer a comprehensive examination of the machinery to determine what’s wrong with it and if the issue can be fixed or if you will require furnace replacement. 

We always listen to what our clients want and provide them with an action plan that caters to their needs. Our furnace specialists are thorough professionals who will perform their job quickly without inconveniencing you and your family or employees. Rest assured, we will provide you with replacement service and appropriate guidance to ensure optimal furnace maintenance. 

Hire the Best Local Furnace Replacement Company 

If you’re looking for furnace replacement near you, put your trust in Blue Valley Heating and Cooling. We are inarguably the best local furnace replacement company in Longmont, CO, and neighboring areas. 

Here are the areas in which you can benefit from our services:

  • Longmont, CO 
  • Denver, CO 
  • Boulder, CO 
  • Loveland, CO 
  • Anywhere nearby
  • Firestone, CO 
  • Louisville, CO 
  • Brighton,  CO 
  • Westminster, CO 

So, if you need high-quality furnace replacement service at reasonable prices, get in touch with us today! 

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  • Sharla Benjamin

    Excellent and efficient service with friendly people on the phone and in-person. I called to have my furnace serviced for the first time at my newly purchased house. The scheduling was easy and service very timely. The testing done was interesting, the explanations helpful, and good options were presented.
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  • Catherine Long

    They were really good about coming up with 3 or 4 different plans for how to do it. It was nice to have options because it put it in a ballpark for what was affordable for us. It also gave us thoughts for what we could do for the future. They really worked with us to make it [geothermal] work for us now.
  • Liz Bergold

    These guys are fantastic to work with. We had an AC issue late Saturday afternoon on a super hot day, and Kevin was at our house first thing the next morning. He was incredibly knowledgable about the issue and helped talk us through the various options we had.
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  • Sarah Lee

    We were looking at alternative energy sources. We didn’t want to have an air conditioner anymore and we also wanted to stop using natural gas. So we heard about it a little bit but we didn’t know much about it, so we started doing some research and looked at a couple different companies and went with Blue Valley.
  • Mark Phillips

    We had three other meetings with other energy companies and chose Blue Valley. They were fast, responsive, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.
  • Mike & Hansine Goran's

    We recently moved and bought a house with a geothermal system that we didn't understand, so we called Blue Valley Heating & Cooling. They helped to put in the system and were great, explaining how it worked and doing the maintenance--and we've had them ever since.
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