Air Conditioning Service

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When your air conditioning fails to operate smoothly, don’t wait to have it diagnosed and quickly fixed by the experts at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont. Outlining the general function of an air conditioning system will illustrate the various points at which a malfunction can occur. Two main components of the air conditioner, the compressor and condenser, are located outdoors where the unit expels heat from the indoor air. The third element of the system is located inside, usually within the furnace.

Basic Operation of an Air Conditioning System

Compressor– Moves molecules of refrigerant closer together through compression of the fluid in order to create a higher temperature and energy. The resulting hot, high pressure gas then moves into the condenser.

Condenser– The job of the condenser is to cool the working fluid, just like in a car’s radiator. The refrigerant will change from a gas back into a liquid when it enters the evaporator through a narrow opening.

Evaporator– As the refrigerant enters the evaporator, its pressure will drop and it will turn into a gas once more. This evaporation process is how the air is cooled, by removing heat to separate the molecules of the liquid into a gas.

Fan– Directing air inside the house to circulate across the evaporator fins is the purpose of the fan.

Vents– Where warm air is drawn into the ducts and down to the evaporator to cool the gas. The cooled air is then blown back into the house.

Thermostat– When the temperature rises above your comfort level, the thermostat will turn on the air conditioning system to start the cycle of warm to cool air exchange until the desired temperature is reached.

Whether you need an air conditioning system installed, repaired or maintained, call the trusted HVAC contractors at Blue Valley Heating & Cooling in Longmont for dependable and affordable service.

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