Tankless Water Heater Vs. Tank Heater: a Comprehensive Comparison

Wondering which one is better: tankless water heater vs. tank heater? In this article, we will list all the major differences between the two to let you see which will work for you the best.

Tankless vs tank water heater? A difficult choice indeed. But worry not: a competent HVAC contractor can help you understand which option works the best for your situation.

There are many benefits of a tankless water heater that make it the obvious choice, but an objective comparison is important to understand why more and more professionals like Blue Valley Heating and Cooling recommend tankless water heaters over the ones with tanks. This article will walk you through the comparison.

What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

tankless water heater, as the name so expressively suggests, comes without a tank.

There is no way to store the warmed-up water, so instead the heater uses gas or electric energy to continuously supply hot water for your home as soon as you turn it on. You also need to consider tankless water heater vs tank cost, installation simplicity, bills, availability of options, and so on.

But, overall, what is an advantage of a tankless water heater?

For one, the heating time is shorter as these tanks tend to warm up the water supply considerably faster than a traditional tank water heater. The design is also compact, allowing you to have it installed with comparative ease as it covers less space, is less bulky, and so on. Moreover, you can use the tankless heater as per your needs, rather than storing hot water in a tank.

Overall, there are many merits to choosing a tankless water heater over a tank heater, and we’ll get to that shortly.

Before we do, let’s understand how it works.

How Does It Work?

You probably remember the last time you drew water from the faucet for personal use or laundry, only for it to come out cold, rather than hot. Running out of hot water is quite common for water tank heater users, and this is where a major advantage of tankless heaters becomes obvious: instant heating.

The operational difference between tankless hot water heater vs tank heater is that the former works more swiftly. When comparing tankless water heaters vs conventional, tankless water heaters stand out in terms of efficiency of operation.

These heaters heat the water as it passes through the heating apparatus and thus give you a constant supply of hot water, as opposed to storing it in a tank. The process of converting to a tankless water heater involves taking out the tank and modifying the heating apparatus.

But of course, it would be simpler and more efficient to install a tankless heater in the first place or replace your conventional tank with a tankless one.


The Pros And Cons Of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters offer certain very obvious perks, some of the most important tankless water heater pros are as follows:

  • They are compact and thus take up less space in comparison
  • You can have them in both electric and gas-powered variants
  • Are tankless water heaters more energy-efficient? Hell yeah!  
  • They can be used long-term
  • They demand comparatively less maintenance, and you won’t have to go for a replacement for years
  • Instant heating
  • However, there are some limitations that you should consider before finalizing your decision:
  • Though maintenance and repairs are not needed often, they can be quite complex when you have to go through with them
  • You can run out of hot water relatively quickly
  • No way to store the water
  • The installation is more expensive
  • Repairs can be costly too compared to conventional tanks, although less frequent

Why buy a tankless water heater, then?

It is compact, efficient, and quick – the perfect combo!  

Now that you have gone through all the major pros and cons of buying a tankless water heater, you have a much clearer idea about your choice.


Let Blue Valley Heating and Cooling Install Your Water Heater!

This article briefly covered the difference between conventional and advanced water heaters and the reasons why tankless water heaters are the superior choice. Though they are a bit more difficult to install, their efficiency more than makes up for it.

You know the major advantages of a tankless water heater and need not worry about where to install a tankless water heater due to the compact design. Based on all the perks that tankless water heaters bring to the table, it is understandable why this type stands out.

If you’re planning on setting up a tankless water heater in the laundry room, you’ll need a professional crew to set it up for you. Blue Valley Heating and Cooling has highly committed and properly equipped workers on the team to get things done for you right away.

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